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Invoice Money is a specialist invoice financier. Improving your business cash flow is our primary focus. 

How are we different?

We work with small to medium sized businesses across Australia, including sole proprietors and start-ups. If you are too small for the banks to be concerned with, or you can't afford to wait for them to go through their lengthy approval processes, don't worry, Invoice Money will look after you! We do what the banks and finance companies can't.

We don't have long-term contracts

  • We don't have minimum fees

  • We don't have annual fees

  • We don't have early exit penalties

  • We don't link our advances to the value of assets you own, apart from book debts.

  • We do offer a variety of factoring solutions to suit individual business needs

  • We do give you fast approval

  • We do make your money available within 24 hours


We are not a bank

As a privately owned business we are able to operate independently of banks and other credit institutions. That means we don't have to answer to anyone else about the choices we make, nor are we limited by their rules, policies and procedures.


We offer Bespoke Solutions

We're not the largest invoice financing company in the country and we're happy with that. It means we can offer you our undivided attention, and professional advice which is specific to your business needs. Each of our clients is different and they have specific needs and challenges. We really get to know our clients and their businesses. You will never be “just another number” at Invoice Money.


We are Fast, Efficient and Flexible

Having ready access to finance can be a critical factor in not only the way you manage your business on a day to day basis but also how you plan for future growth.

We understand that sometimes you will need finance and sometimes you won't, and we're flexible enough to work in the way that best suits you. There is no lock in contract or minimum commitment. We are fast and efficient, and can offer you effective cash flow solutions exactly when you need them. 

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