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What sort of invoices do you buy?

The invoices need to be for goods sold and delivered or work/services completed for other Australian based businesses. Other types of debts, like construction progress claims, may also be suitable.

How long do I have to sign up for?

Invoice Money operates on a 'Use It When You Need To' basis. You don't pay fees when you don't need the cash flow. There are no minimum monthly or annual fees, no minimum term, and no minimum (or maximum!) value of invoices you need to sell.

What does it cost?

Fees are charged on a daily basis so you only pay fees for the number of days the invoice remains unpaid. Once payment has been received by us from your customer, the fees stop accruing.

Am I too small?

Invoice Money tailors facilities to suit all business sizes - no one is too big or too small. We have clients who factor a few thousand dollars of invoices once or twice a month, and clients who routinely sell us invoices worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What will my customers think? 

The reality is that debt factoring and invoice finance is a modern, flexible cash flow tool ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses. The chances are your customers already know someone else who is factoring. They are just a part of the $60 Billion in annual turnover that the invoice factoring and invoice discounting industry finances.

Do you work with new businesses?

Yes. We specialise in start-up and recently formed businesses, backing you and the quality of your products, just like your customers do.

What if I've had problems in the past? 

Talk to us. Previous difficulties, or ATO arrears, don't automatically rule you out. We take the time to understand what caused the issues, and we're more concerned to know you've addressed the causes, and you're back on the right track.

I'm a sole trader - does that cause any problems?

No. We work with you and the business structure you currently have to generate the cash flow you need.

What industries do Invoice Money service?

We work with businesses from a variety of industries such as labour hire, transport, wholesale, trade services and professional services.