Selective Invoice Finance gives you the freedom to choose when and which invoice you wish to fund.

It is the perfect solution for businesses with particular customers who require extended payment terms.  

  • No need to waste time and money financing all of your invoices

  • You decide which customers you would like us to work with

  • All invoices for that customer are sent to us and processed through our system

  • You decide if and when you need a cash advance and against which invoices

  • We collect all payments from that customer and rebate you the whole invoice amount (if unfactored) or the balance of the invoice amount minus our fees (if factored/cash advanced)

  • You maintain the relationship with the client and manage the accounts administration


Our primary aim is to work together with our clients to maintain a strong cash flow. We will work with you to maintain a good customer relationship and ensure timely invoice payments.

  • We notify the customer in writing of our arrangement with you so there are no surprises

  • We random verify invoices allowing us to ensure the customer is happy and understands the payment process

  • We send monthly statements of our own to remind customers of their outstanding account


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